Moorhouse residents give a special guest a warm welcome

Moorhouse Nursing Home

Moorhouse Nursing Home’s Activity Co-ordinator Judith gave residents a delightful prickly surprise when she brought baby hedgehog ‘Gerald’ into the home for them to meet.

A regular foster mum for hedgehogs, Judith is looking after the five month-old after he was harmed by a cat and required treatment from the local vet.

Moorhouse Nursing Home is the home-from-home for a close group of 36 elderly care residents, most needing support with nursing and general residential living. Activities and social events are planned both in and out of the home to suit their personal preferences and abilities, with a varied programme designed to broaden opportunities and support ongoing interests.

The hedgehog’s visit was a chance for Moorhouse Nursing Home’s residents to take part in a different activity, getting up close to the baby animal and discovering how he will be rehabilitated in order to live a safe and healthy life in his natural habitat.

Judith will care for Gerald until his weight reaches between 800g and 1kg. He will then be released back into the wild at his home in Alton, in time for winter hibernation.

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